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About us

Knowledge, information and quality: these are the three things that shape Typotex Publishing House's business activities. Typotex was the first electronic publisher in Hungary. We develop, manage & disseminate knowledge through books and the Internet. We work with the best Hungarian academics and authors in long-standing loyal partnerships based on mutual trust and we are always open to new input. Many of our publications are considered authoritative works in the field of science & pop science, read by academics and students, used by libraries and universities, academic professionals and practitioners. Recently we have been involved in different forms of e-book publishing and international literary projects like:


Main publishing fields:

History of Science • Math • Music • Philosophy • Physics • Pop Science •   • Psychology • Science • Sociology • Third Culture • Fiction


Worldwide known authors

D. Arasse • G. Agamben • C. Dahlhaus • E. Hanslick • N. Matsier • P. Florenszkij • J. North • S. Yates • M. Doorman • J. Roubaud • J. Brodsky • R. Riemen • Whitehead • Žižek • A. Badiou • L. Middelaar• I. Lakatos • K. Popper • S. Lem • D. Hofstadter

L. Lovász • A. A. Borovkov • A. N. Kolmogorov • V. V. Prasolov • I. R. Safarevics • D. K. Fagyejev • R. P. Halmos • Gy. Pólya • G. Weeks R. Smullyan • P. Boulanger • D. Shasha • H. Rademacher – O. Toeplitz •J. D. Jackson • L. D. Landau – E. M. Lifisc • E. F. Taylor – J. A. Wheeler

A. Brahic • L. Lederman • T. Gowers • J. Brichmont – A. Sokal • M. Buchanan • J. Fanu • T. Ferris •J. Leggett • B. Lomborg • D. McCandless

C. Darwin • S. Jones • D. Dennett • J. Diamond • E. O. Wilson • J. P. Changeux • D. Draaisma • A.Gopnik • M. Jouvet • G. Miller • S. Pinker • K. Popper • S. J. Gould • J. Goudsblom • B. Julesz


Interbook ▪ Babel Web Anthology  ▪ Visegradlitearture ▪ Hungarians in Babel 


    Contact us

    Typotex Ltd. Electronic Publishing House
    H–1024 Budapest
    Retek Street 33–35.




    Fax: +361-316-3759