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Jan Caeyers
Jan Caeyers

Jan Caeyers wrote down his in-depth views on Beethoven in his substantial volume entitledBeethoven. Der einsame Revolutionär, which was published in Dutch in 2009 and translated into German by C.H. Beck in Munich in 2012, with a series of translations expected to follow. 

Writing this book was an essential transitional stage towards the development of the new orchestra, Le Concert Olympique, with which Caeyers is able to express and study his mature views on Beethoven and Viennese classical music. 

This superbly documented and elegantly written biography was given an enthusiastic reception and the originalversion is now already in its seventh edition. Since the book became a bestseller in Germany – the home of Beethoven research – it is now considered as the reference work on Beethoven worldwide based on the new insights that have led to a paradigm shift in the perception of the famous composer. 

The success of the book in several countries confirmed Jan Caeyers’ worldwide status as a Beethoven expert and is an outstanding promotional medium for the orchestra.

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