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Danyiil Harmsz
Danyiil Harmsz

Daniil Kharms was born in StPetersburg in 1905 and died from starvation in Leningrad that was under blockade, in a closed psychiatric sector of the prison. His life was tormented by arrestation (first in 1931) and by censorship, in spite the fact that in his writings there was no protest, neither oppositionism, only a mere absurdism of the epoch. 

The only genre he was able to publish was poetry for children.

After his death a friend dragged a suitcase full of his manuscripts and those of his avantgarde fellows home and kept is hidden until 1960s. The main literary form of Kharms is the brief story of nonsense that is based on illogic and deformed everyday experience of the lonely everyday man. 

This volume is the first volume of Kharms in Hungarian that includes short-short stories of different themes, some poems, miniplays and (pseudo)philosophical essays with a thorough introduction by the translator about the author, his life, oeuvre and absurd literature in general and its Soviet avantgarede version of the 1920s.

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