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Linor Goralik
Linor Goralik

Linor Goralik was born in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine in 1975 and emigrated to Israel before moving to Moscow in 2001. She has published a number of prose books including two novels written in collaboration: No was co-authored with Sergey Kuznetsov; and Half of the Sky, with Stanislav Lvovsky. Both were published in 2004. She has produced several poetry collections, with many pieces appearing in journals such as Novy Mir and Vozduh, as well as publishing two children’s stories. As a journalist Goralik is constantly writing articles for many leading periodicals and magazines, includingVedomosti, Snob and Novoe Literaturnoe. She has written an essay: Hollow Woman: Barbie’s World Inside Out, which explores the cultural roles and meanings of a Barbie doll.


Her works have been translated to a number of languages, including English, Italian, and Chinese. She translates English and Hebrew and has published two books of Etgar Keret’s prose as well as a poetry collection by Vitautas Pliura, again with Stanislav Lvovsky. As an artist Goralik has participated in a number of exhibitions. Her latest solo exhibition – God’s Every Day – took place in the newly built Perm Museum of Modern Art. She is also the author of Hare PZ! comic books.