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Stroh Wilfried
Stroh Wilfried

Valahfridus (Wilfried) Stroh has held the rank of professor of classical philology at the University of Munich since 1976.  He is particularly interested in Roman love poetry, oratory, prosody, and in Neo-Latin.  Professor Stroh is fond of using Latin in his writing and conversation and, when he encounters young people who are eager for learning, he strives to instruct them in the art of spoken Latin.  He is, with the Czech musiciaJan Novák, the founder and editor of LVDI LATINI, which provides a venue for Latin art and music. 

He has written the following books: Ovid in the Judgement of PosterityRoman Love Elegy as Courtship PoetryArrangement and Strategy (on Cicero’s Court Speeches), Specimens of Latin VersificationLove on the Learned Mount, and various Apocrypha.  He has for the past fifteen years directed the Society for the Staging of the LVDI LATINI, Inc.            

Professor Stroh’s performance of Aeneid Book IV was recorded digitally on April 10, 2000 by musician Georg Spoettl.  Wolfgang Wagner, a school teacher, provided technical assistance. Both Spoettl and Wagner live in Munich.