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Tomas Zmeskal
Tomas Zmeskal

Tomáš Zmeškal  is a Czech writer. He was born in Prague to a Congolese father and a Czech mother. In 1987, he left the then-Czechoslovakia to live in London, where he studied English language and literature at King's College. He returned after the collapse of communism.[2] He taught at Charles University for a while, and currently teaches in high school.

Zmeškal was lauded for his debut novel Milostný dopis klínovým písmem (Love Letter in Cuneiform Script), published in 2008. The book won the EU Prize for Literature and the Josef Škvorecký Prize. He has published two other books since.

In the 1980s, he was a member of the band Psí vojáci, led by Filip Topol. Zmeškal now lives in Prague.