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Date: 2007
Page count: 350 pages
Format: B/5
ISBN: 978-963-9664-52-4
Category: in Hungarian and English

Original price: 3500 Ft

Space and Future of Mankind


(If future, then space)

Ideas on the future of mankind, on space, on cosmic effects and connections

Fifty years after the start of the space age it becomes more and more obvious that the future of mankind is inseparable from space – therefore it is even today an important task to survey the dangers coming from our cosmic environment on the one hand, and the prospects of spaceflight on the other. Here are some of the arising questions:

What hinders at present the expansion of mankind in space above all? Does the increase of space debris endanger travel into space? May the space elevator or the evolution of space tourism help in the accomplishment of future steps? Does the planned NASA lunar and Martian exploration program represent a real perspective? Should mankind abandon the Earth escaping from threatening asteroids or comets? Do real plans already exist to terraform other celestial bodies or to build habitats in space? During such a migration might we encounter living creatures of alien origin; do we have responsibility for the natural environment of other celestial bodies? Is it a real task to meditate on the protection of the Solar System environment? Will there be any possibility to leave our Solar System and reach the planets of distant stars? Could intelligent beings live there and if they exist, then why are they silent? Is it possible and desirable at all to send messages or instruments towards them, or should we rather concentrate on the defense of our planet against any occasional external invasion? According to our present ideas what kind of consequences would accompany a contact with an alien, far more advanced civilization?

All this leads to some fundamental questions of the relation between our future and the Universe: as seen at present by a space research expert and a futures research expert – i.e. some in the same way, but some differently. It is an exciting reading to everybody, who has an interest in the future of mankind and its technology, and at the same time feeling the significance of moral problems as well. Today we are unable yet to answer all of the arising questions, but this fact can’t prevent us to start an objective and rational survey and discussion of these problems, intended to be faced in the not too distant future by mankind.

NEWS: The SETI League recognized Dr. Ivan Almar of the Konkoly Observatory, Budapest, with its 2008 Giordano Bruno Memorial Award, for technical excellence in the service of SETI. Almar is the originator of the San Marino Scale, an analytical tool for assessing the impact of transmissions from Earth. This scale was adopted in September, 2007 by the SETI Permanent Study Group of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA), lending a quantitative basis to discussions of policy regarding Active SETI experiments. Previously, Dr. Almar had co-authored the Rio Scale, another analytical tool adopted by the IAA, used for quantifying the significance of extraterrestrial signals received on Earth. A Full Member of the IAA, Almar has been an active member of its SETI Committee since its inception more than three decades ago. See this Press Release for details.