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Date: 2006
Page count: 240 pages
Format: A/5
ISBN: 978-963-9548-68-8
Category: in Hungarian and English

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facts, causes, beliefs

Chernobyl ... Since twenty years, this small Ukrainian town has become a symbol, an issue for specialists, politicians, and the broadest public kept in uncertainty. The events happened there will probably become part of universal history like the distraction of Pompeii and the tragedy of Hiroshima.


The authors of this book are specialists and not journalists. They explain in plain language the constructional problems of the Chernobyl-type power plants, the course of the severe accident, as well as the technical, social, and political causes leading to it. They summarize the geographical distribution of the emitted radioactive substances and their health effects. They discuss the contradictions of the public information available in the media at present and during the months following the accident. Both the media and the specialists are blamed for the many misunderstandings and false concepts concerning Chernobyl. The book is completed by a summary of the reactor accidents of the past.


Zoltán Szatmáry is a physicist, professor emeritus of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME). Following the accident, he personally took part in the mitigation of the consequences in Hungary.

Attila Aszódi is a mechanical engineer, director of the Institute of Nuclear Techniques of BME.


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