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Translator: Kazanlár Szilvia, Mihancsik Zsófia
Date: 2010
Page count: 248 pages
Format: B/5
ISBN: 978-963-2791-51-7
Category: from French
Series: edition 2.0

Original price: 3500 Ft

The Google Way
How one Company Is Revolutionizing Managment As We Know It

Edition 2.0


Series editor: Bálint Dömölki


In the life of our publishing house, Edition 2.0 is not simply a new series comprising certain contents, and it is not a topic finding a good name under a series title. Edition 2.0 is a publishing experiment, seeking a new alternative for reading books, by trying to align book publishing and the spirit of the internet.

A book is traditionally a closed world, the crystallized form of the author's vision of the world and of the thoughts he wishes to pass on. It offers several types of additions as well: remarks in footnotes, index, glossary. Printing makes the published text final, closed - a station in the field of knowledge.

The internet, by contrast, is flexible, ever-changing, and its stability was realized in its greatness.

Traditionally, the author knows much more than the readers who do not know him nor the knowledge published. But the two parties, the author and the reader know nothing of each other, they preserve this mutual unacquaintedness.

The significance of the reader, however, has greatly increased by the 21st century, and this is not only due to postmodern vision but also to the internet and the philosophy of web2. Reading is not a passive act anymore.

We try to resolve this contradiction (static text versus dynamic internet, omniscient author versus naive reader) in our Edition 2.0 series. This is not a simple task and we are far from declaring that we have ready-made solutions. We have ample discussions about what may be done with a book. We struggle with tradition and form, to put it sublimely, we are trying to set the borders of the profane and the sacred. Because the book is not sacred, just as the internet is not hollow. Researchers dealing with text know that reading is partially a passive, partially an active act but it is always an act, the interpretation of the text.

In this first volume of the series we experiment with a solution whereby the editor of the book - the first naive reader - looks up words he finds interesting or unclear and comments on and adds notes to the author's text.

With the lines on the margin, we encourage the reader to do the same.

But this is far from the end. You may continue commenting, reacting and critiquing on the homepage of the publishing house by looking up the book.

We hope that our genre will progress and we may once launch Edition 2.1.


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