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Date: 2010
Page count: 188 pages
Format: B/5
ISBN: 978-963-2790-77-0
Category: Math, Informatics and Science

Original price: 3900 Ft

Investigation of condensed matter by the use of neutron scattering

The book „Investigation of condensed matter by the use of neutron scattering" aimed to introduce readers in the basic notions of the application of neutron scattering methods for studying atomic and molecular structure and dynamic behaviour of broad family of condensed matter. The author -  Prof. L. Cser - in writing this book relied on his lectures conducted both for graduate and PhD students. Although the topic of these lectures are treated on rather easy to understand level for reading of the book it is recommended to be acquainted with some knowledge of quantum mechanics, solid state physics and nuclear physics as well. The edition of the lectures in written form was motivated  by the renaissence of neutron physics thank to the new high intesity neutron sources like SNS (USA) JSNS (Japon) etc. and by the existing research reactor in Budapest being the leading East- and Central-Europian neutron physics centre. Besides the theoretical discussions significant part of the book is devoted to description of instrumentation used in neutron scattering applications.