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Date: 2008
Page count: 330 pages
Format: A/5
ISBN: 978-963-9664-99-9
Category: in Hungarian and English

Original price: 2800 Ft

Dreaming Homeland and People…
The Enlightenment and Romanticism in the Central and Eastern European literature

Endre Bojtár is the Head of Central and Eastern European Literatures Department at the Institute for Literary Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, speaks Czech, Russian, Polish, Lithuanian, English, German. He investigates from bird’s eye view the litearture of the Central and Eastern European nations in the age of Enlighment and Romanticism. He expresses in his long essay the strong similarity of Eastern European literatures and the role of literature in the definition of nationality.


The romantic novel is not a "real" historical novel. Then what is it? It is as is read outside Central and Eastern Europe: adventure novel, juvenile literature. Therein lies the secret of the genre's enormous popularity: a story with a stirring plot, the unanimity and steadiness of characters and a colorful language style. The only trouble is that – despite many protests – romantic historical novels are considered true reality in our part of the world: most of them are required reading for school, multiply set to music, adapted for screen and cartoon, comic book, TV and radio, the main shaper of the image developed of our past. And here are more serious things at stake than just presentation of reality painted in glowing colours: the coexistence of small nations in Central and Eastern Europe.




Endre Bojtár