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Date: 2008
Page count: 112 pages
Format: B/5
ISBN: 978-963-9664-89-0
Category: Math, Informatics and Science
Series: The world of logic

Original price: 1550 Ft

137 Numerical Puzzles

Solving a puzzle is always a pleasure to the puzzler. The world of the numbers is an interesting world. For example through a short crooked reasoning we could easily prove that every number is interesting.

Theorem: Every positive integer is interesting.

Proof: Let’s suppose that this statement isn’t true. Take the smallest non-interesting integer. But then it is an interesting number, because this is the smallest ’non-interesting’! We reached a contradiction. Ergo the theorem is true.

We have chosen an interesting number: it is the 137. This would be the supernumber of this book for which we marked out super tasks, it just has to be found out which they are – unless otherwise through solving all of them. Why did we choose exactly this number?

Well then, in the modern physics this number occures frequently.

But in this book there would not be a single mentioning of modern physics, only many-many numerical puzzles.