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Translator: Mihályi Zsuzsa
Date: 2012
Page count: 247 pages
Format: B/5
ISBN: 978-963-2797-44-1
Category: from Polish
Series: Science in Fiction

Original price: 2500 Ft

The Plunderer's daughter

On her eighteenth birthday, Zuzanna Klajn receives the key to the mysteries behind her dead archaeologist father, and finds the City: the reflection of allcities ever built, by humans and others, in this universe and ones previous, a treasure trove of all knowledge and a battlefield between Superpowers.What secrets of the City did Zuzanna’s father uncover? Can we inhabit the houses of gods and remain people? Which world does Zuzanna herself belong to, as a child of the City?

A black-bearded fat man with a little girl on his shoulders — they walked down these avenues and he showed her, uncomprehending, inhuman statues and hermetic houses, forbidden texts, invisible paintings, the terrible landscapes of the universe.Welcome to a walk down the streets of infinity — to a pre-infinity cityof mysteries.

With eyes wide open and jaws hanging ajar, across from three suns, five moons,purple plains, icy cemeteries, the smoke of volcanoes, black daybreaks — and those nameless ancient metropolises toward which the city forever sloped.

Original price: 3900 Ft
Original price: 2500 Ft
Original price: 3200 Ft
Original price: 2500 Ft
Original price: 2500 Ft