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Translator: Nádori Lídia
Date: 2013
Page count: 330 pages
Format: B/5
ISBN: 978-963-2792-75-0
Category: from German

Original price: 3800 Ft

Mr Mozart Wakes Up

’As long as there was music he was prepared to cope in any world.’

'Mr Mozart Wakes Up' tells the charming, original tale of a genius on a trip through  time – a divine jest: the previous evening, the fifth of December, he had been on his  deathbed. Now Wolfgang wakes up in an unfamiliar room wearing strange clothes.  He can’t explain his bizarre surroundings: light without candles, music without an orchestra, warmth without fire and shiny pipes emitting water. Is he in a forecourt of hell or in paradise? Gradually, Wolfgang comes to realise that he is not in the year 1791 any more. He can only explain the monstrosity of his trip to 2006 with a divine mission: he must complete his requiem. 
Eva Baronsky, born in 1968, studied interior design and marketing communication and was most recently a freelance communication consultant and journalist. 'Mr Mozart Wakes Up' is her first novel. The book won the 2010 Friedrich Hölderlin Literature Sponsorship Award.

Original price: 2790 Ft
Original price: 2790 Ft
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