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Translator: Nemes Krisztina
Date: 2013
Page count: 272 pages
Format: B/5
ISBN: 978-963-2793-74-0
Category: from Catalan
Series: Typotex Literature

Original price: 2790 Ft

One Never Knows

The graduate Franz Hoozenberger, a very regular Alsatian young man retreats to his family home for the summer to plan his future in rest. Due to a strange accident he got a very rare bottle of vintage ’78 Gewurtztraminer into his hands with the following warning: ’Those who drink the wine, can exchange their personality for an enterprising spirit for a short time.’

So Franz is looking for a partner, even if he is aware that neither of them will remember for the specific experience after the impact of the fruity wine disappeared. 
Finally he manages to find someone who is perfectly his opposite from all aspects. When 15 years later, Franz looks back to his life, his marriage, he asks himself the question, ’whether the former personal exchange had impacts on his life or not? He just can not imagine how much they had…By dint of the dialogues the rader can get closer to thedeeper layers of cognitive psychology.
Imma Monsó’s first novel ’One Never Knows’ was the winner of the Tigre Juan Prize for the best first novel to be published in Spain and she came to be regarded as one of the leading writers of her literary generation.

Original price: 2490 Ft
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Original price: 2490 Ft
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