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Date: 2013
Page count: 278 pages
Format: B/5
ISBN: 978-963-2797-88-5
Category: in English

Original price: 6000 Ft

Robust Control Theory

The need to use modern linear control arises when working with models that are complex with multiple inputs and multiple outputs, or when optimization of performance is a concern. Any models of a real system is an approximation and present inaccuracies or uncertainties. This is the reason why robustness with respect to system variations is one of the most important aspects in the analysis and control of dynamical systems. A system which is to guarantee specific properties is said to be robust if it satisfies the requirements not only for its nominal values but also in the presence of uncertainties.


This book serves partly as a textbook in our Ph.D. course on modern and postmodern methods for designing controllers with specified optimality and robustness properties. H2-optimal and robust H∞-optimal control including the ì-synthesis procedure for structured uncertainties are studied. Parallel to the academic discussions, the applications of the theory to modeling and analysis of vehicle dynamics and to controller design for automotives are also investigated. Intention to find balance in the broadness and the depth of the theory and its intended use characterize the style of the book.