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Translator: Petrikovics Edit
Date: 2013
Page count: 256 pages
Format: B/5
ISBN: 978-963-2793-66-5
Series: Particular viewpoints

Original price: 2490 Ft

Perhaps I can be dictator

Who haven't dreamed of ruling their own country? The dream could becloser to reality than you think. Perhaps I Can Be Dictator will teach youevery trick used by current and previous dictators to get the top spot andstay in power. In ten easy lessons you will learn everything from how to rigan election and make your own personality cult to dictator fashion rules andarchitectural preferences. Learn from masters like François 'Papa Doc'Duvalier, Muammar Gaddafi, Nicolae Ceaușescu, and Saparmurat'Turkmenbashi' Niyazov.Perhaps I Can Be Dictator is probably the funniest political satire publishedin 2012. The book combines black humor with political insights, and ispeppered with horrifying and hilarious stories from some of the mosteccentric modern world leaders.

Original price: 1800 Ft
Original price: 2500 Ft
Original price: 2800 Ft
Original price: 1800 Ft
Original price: 3500 Ft