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Date: 2014
Page count: 0 pages
Format: B/5
ISBN: ----
Category: from English
Series: Body and Mind

The Hour Between Dog and Wolf
One of Financial Times' Best Books of 2012

"A profoundly unconventional book... It's also so absorbing that I wound up reading it twice... From the first page to the last, Coates challenges deep-seated assumptions."
Bloomberg Businessweek

"If anyone is qualified to unify the seemingly disparate subjects of financial markets and neurology, it's John Coates... The Hour Between Dog and Wolf is a powerful distillation of his work—and an important step in the ongoing struggle to free economics from rational-actor theory."
The Daily Beast

"[I]t makes intuitive sense that biological responses inform the mood of the markets. This book puts flesh on that idea."
The Economist

"[A] scintillating treatise on the neurobiology of the business cycle. Coates... draws an intimate portrait of life on a trading floor…The result is a provocative and entertaining take on the irrational exuberance—and anxiety—of the modern economy."
Publishers Weekly

"A provocative challenger to rational choice views of high finance, Coates makes an exceptionally clear, readable presentation that is bound to influence arguments about the regulation of Wall Street.”

"The picture of humans as rational economic machines has gone down the tubes. This book looks at the biology of why Homo economicus is a myth, and no one is better positioned to write this than Coates—he is a neuroscientist AND an economist AND an ex-Wall Street trader AND a spectacular writer. A superb book."
—Robert Sapolsky, neuroscientist, Stanford University

About the Author

John Coates is a senior research fellow in neuroscience and finance at the University of Cambridge. After completing his Ph.D., Coates worked for Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, and Deutsche Bank in New York, where he observed the powerful emotions driving traders. He returned to Cambridge in 2004 to research the effects of the endocrine system on financial risk taking. Coates’s work has been cited in several publications, including The New York TimesWired, and The Economist, and he has appeared on Good Morning America, CBS Evening News, and the BBC. His writing has been published in The Financial Times and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, among others.
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