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Translator: Mihancsik Zsófia
Edition: 2014
Date: 2014
Page count: 0 pages
Format: B/5
ISBN: ----
Category: from French
Series: Science in Fiction

Browser's Cords

In this novel that reads like a dreamed history of mankind, Tristan Garcia explores the consequences of such a bewildering working hypothesis. When Dawid Browser, a space explorer, finally reaches the edges of outer space, he stops the expansion of the universe. Mankind is doomed to live forever in the present. Yet men can relieve and alter their own lives by propping a personal console wherein thin cords are tucked. In several stories that dialogue and echo with one another, Tristan Garcia invents a galaxy of characters who struggle to survive as time stands, such as ten-thousand-year-old Dreamer Wallace; Dawid Browser, who is stranded at the edges of the universe; Anita who shapes new landscapes in her dreams by turning the central screw of the earth; Viv who edits over and over again a key moment of her life; Eliedo and his successors who fight to restore the course of History…A remarkable adventure story that unfolds in the blink of an eye, a momentary lapse of reality.
Tristan Garcia is a philosopher and a novelist. His debut novel ’La Milleure Part des hommes’ caused a literary sensation when it was published by Gallimard in 2008, and won the Prix de Flore. It was translated into seven languages.  The Browser's Cords is to be considered as a deservedly continuation of the literary success.

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