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Date: 2015
Page count: 0 pages
Format: B/5
ISBN: ----
Category: from Slovenian
Series: Typotex Literature

A night in Europe (Noč v Evropi)

A night in Europe continues the tradition of younger fiction authors, tackling the biggest fiction challenge – a novel – already in the first attempt. The general structure of the text is already expressed by the title. The vision of Jim Jarmusch from the film The Night on Earth is shifted in Polona’s version from taxies to a night express train Paris - Amsterdam, in a time span of ten hours. Characters from throughout the world finding themselves on a train are brought together by Interrail tickets in their pockets, a bottle of water within the reach, the youth no longer naive, the adulthood not yet definite, the summer whose no man’s time on no man’s land offers an opportunity to summarize old loves and discover new ones, and of course the chaos of personal luggage in character’s heads where Polona delves as silence falls in the compartments.