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Date: 2007
Page count: 242 pages
Format: B/5
ISBN: 978-963-9326-33-0
Category: from Dutch

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Metaphors of memory
A history of ideas about the mind


Douwe Draaisma (1953) is Professor of the History of Psychology at the University of Groningen. His books have been widely praised, not only for their wealth of information, but also for Draaisma's excellent writing style. His successful Metaphors of Memory: A History of Ideas about the Mind (published for the first time in 1995), was awarded the Heymann Prize of the Dutch National Institute of Psychologists. Why Life Speeds Up as You Get Older: On Autobiographical Memory (published for the first time in 2001) has won four national prizes, two literary prizes and two scientific ones, and was shortlisted for the 2005 British Aventis Prize, the world's most prestigious award for popular science. In Disturbances of the Mind (published for the first time in 2006) Draaisma shows a highly original approach, by exploring historical material and comparing it with recent findings on eponyms of well known mental illnesses. Draaisma's most recent work is The Nostalgia Factory (first published in 2008), which sold more than 50.000 copies in less than a year. Again, Draaisma writes in an engaging, almost literary style, his language is careful, and full of well-chosen metaphors. By linking two highly interesting themes, namely history and the brain, Draaisma manages to reach a huge audience.


Metaphors of Memory

A Histroy of Ideas and about the Mind

What is memory? It is at the same time ephemeral, unreliable and essential to everything we do. Without memory we lose our sense of identity and reason, even our ability to perform simple physical tasks - yet it is elusive and difficult to define. Throughout the ages, philosophers and psychologists have used metaphors as a way of understanding memory. Draaisma's fascinating book takes the reader on a tour of these metaphors of memory from ancient times to the present day. Metaphors of memory are often derived from technological artefacts that are developed to store information, ranging from the wax tablet to the computer. Our picture and understanding of memory appears to be largely determined by technological change. Crossing continents and disciplines, Draaisma's book is a compelling history of ideas about the mind that explores the way these metaphors have been used. Accessible and thought provoking, Metaphors of Memory should be read by anyone who is interested in memory and the mind.


„If psychology is a discipline with the most porous of collective memories, Douwe Draaisma's engaging and accessible book preserves, transmits, and actively uses some of its most unusual and important historical traces."


John Sutton - Times Literary Supplement


„No area of science has been more metaphor-rich than the study of mind, brain and memory. Douwe Draaisma has written a superb history of such metaphors of memory."


Steven Rose - The Times Higher Education Supplement




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