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Date: 2007
Page count: 360 pages
Format: B/5
ISBN: 978-963-7546-16-7
Category: from English

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Global Civil Society Yearbook 2001

Seattle or Genoa, the Narmada dam movement, the Ogoni people's campaigns, protests about GM foods, missile defence, climate change or the NATO intervention in Yugoslavia, overseas volunteers and international charities... These are some of the phenomena that, as the twenty-first century begins, have come to be known as 'Global Civil Society', even though the term has no agreed meaning. Global Civil Society 2001 is the first of a series of annual landmark publications, which will contribute to the debate about what global civil society is, map and measure it, and examine each year how it is doing.

Global Civil Society 2001 opens with an accessible introduction to the history of global civil society, its contested meanings and present condition, and its relation to globalisation, and a wide-ranging conceptual essay on the emergence of global civil society, its nature, its enemies, violence and hubris, and its close relation, an emerging global public sphere. Part II of the book is devoted to three key issues, on which global civil society is active: global finance, biotechnology and humanitarian intervention. Part III investigates the infrastructure of global civil society, where and how global civil society operates and interacts. Part IV provides a wealth of data on global civil society.
Written in an accessible way, by well-known scholars including John Keane, Meghnad Desai, Helmut Anheier and Mary Kaldor, among others, this is an essential volume for researchers in a number of disciplines, including economics, political science, anthropology and sociology, international law and international relations. Beyond its academic value and impact, however, Global Civil Society 2001 and its successors aspire to make a contribution to global civil society itself, giving a voice to civil society in the process of globalisation, helping to civilise and democratise the process.

About the Authors

Helmut Anheier is Director of the Centre for Civil Society at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and Reader in the Department of Social Policy. Prior to this he was a Senior Associate at Johns Hopkins University, Associate Professor of Sociology at Rutgers University, and a Social Affairs Officer at the United Nations. His work has focused on civil society, the non-profit sector, organisational studies and policy analysis, and comparative methodology. He is a founding editor of Voluntas and author of over 200 publications in several languages. His present research examines the emergence of new organisational forms in global civil society, and will also explore methodological aspects of social science research on globalisation.
Marlies Glasius has been a Research Officer at the Centre for Civil Society, LSE, and managing editor of this Yearbook since 2000. She studied international law as well as English literature at the University of Amsterdam, and holds a PhD with distinction in Human Rights from the University of Utrecht. In 1999 she published Foreign Policy on Human Rights: Its Influence on Indonesia under Soeharto. Before joining the Centre, she was most recently engaged in consultancy work for Novib, the Dutch partner in Oxfam International, and in the NGO coalition 'Free and Safe Referendum in East Timor'. Her present research concerns the influence of NGOs on international treaty making processes.
Mary Kaldor joined the LSE in 1999 as Director of the Programme on Global Civil Society at the Centre for the Study of Global Governance. Previously, she taught and conducted research at the University of Sussex for 30 years. She was a founder member of END, and was Co-Chair on the Helsinki Citizens' Assembly. She is currently a member of the International Independent Commission to investigate the Kosovo Crisis, established by the Swedish Prime Minister and chaired by Richard Goldstone, which published the Kosovo Report in autumn 2000. Her most recent work, New and Old Wars: Organised Violence in a Global Era (1999), has been translated into seven languages. She is currently writing a book on global civil society.


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