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Date: 2007
Page count: 812 pages
Format: B/5
ISBN: 978-963-9548-63-3
Category: from English

Original price: 6000 Ft


Statistics, first published in 1978, set a new stan­dard for introductory books. The third edition improves the exposition at crucial places. Many of the data sets are new, and there are 200 new exer­cises that deal with many studies of current inter­est. The topics and order of presentation remain the same, as does the flavor of the text.

Statistics is written in clear, everyday language, without the equations that baffle non-mathematical readers. The goal is teaching students how to think about statistical issues. Techniques are introduced through examples showing how statistics has helped solve major problems in education, genet­ics, medicine, physics, political science, psycholo­gy, and other fields.