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Translator: Gyárfás Vera
Date: 2007
Page count: 432 pages
Format: B/5, hardcover
ISBN: 978-963-9326-75-0
Category: from English
Series: The idea of evolution

Original price: 4200 Ft

Almost like a whale
The Origin of Species Updated

In this new book Steve Jones takes up the challenge of rewriting the book of the millennium, Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species. Before The Origin, biology was little more than a series of unconnecfed facts. Darwin made it into a science, held together by his theory of evolution, the grammar of the living world. Darwin had only the facts of the nineteenth century to support his argument. Almost Like a Whale uses Darwin's logic, together with the astonishing discoveries of today, to make his case. It brings together the AIDS virus, dog shows, the sheep who never forget a face, the Battle of the Somme, and the garbage that floats in the Pacific, to prove the fact of evolution.
Filled with anecdotes, humour and the latest research, Almost Like a Whale is a popular account of the science that makes life make sense. It catches the millennial mood and tells all those for whom Darwin is merely a familiar name and some dimly remembered ideas exactly what he meant, and why we know he was right. It exposes the delusions of those who try - and fail - to explain society in evolutionary terms, and it shows how humans became the first species to step beyond the constarints of biology.

About the Author

Steve Jones is Professor of Genetics at University College London and has worked at universities in the USA, Australia and Africa. He gave the BBC Reith Lectures in 1991, and presented a succesfull BCC TV series on human genetics and evolution in 1996. He is a regular columnist for the Daily Telegraph and frequently appears on radio and television. His previous books include The Language of the Genes (which won the 1994 Rhone-Poulenc Science Book Prize) and In the Blood (shortlisted for the 1997 Rhone-Poulenc). In 1997 he won the Royal Social Faraday Medal for the Public Understanding of Science.

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