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Translator: Horváth Hedvig, Mónus Attila
Date: 2007
Page count: 226 pages
Format: Fr/5
ISBN: 978-963-9132-64-1
Category: from English

Original price: 1380 Ft

The Riddle of Sheherezade

In his new book, Raymond Smullyan, grand vizier of the logic puzzle, joins Sheherazade, a charming young woman of "fantastic logical ingenuity," to give us 1001 hours of brainteasing fun.
Scheherazade, we find, has gotten back into hot water with the king, and is once more in danger of losing her head at dawn. But, thinking quickly, she tempts the king to stay her execution by posing him the most delightfully devious mathematical and logic puzzles ever invented. They keep him guessing for many more nights until the fatal hour has passed, and she keeps her head.
The Riddle of Sheherazade includes several wonderful old chestnuts and many fiendishly original puzzles, 225 in all. There are logic tricks and number games, metapuzzles (puzzles about puzzles), liar/truth-teller exercises, Godelian brain twisters, baffling paradoxes, and an excursion, under Scheherazade's expert guidance, into an amusing new field invented by Smullyan, called "coercive" logic, in which the answer to a problem can actually change the fate of the puzzler!
An absolute must for all puzzle fans-from the middle-school whiz to the sophisticated mathematician or computer scientist.

About the Author

Raymond Smullyan, well-known mathematician and logician, is Oscar Ewing Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at Indiana University and Professor Emeritus at the City University of New York-Lehman College and ' Graduate Center. His many writings include six previous volumes of recreational logic and math problems, What Is the Name of This Book? The Lady or the Tiger" Alice in Puzzleland, To Mock a Mockingbird, Forever Undecided, and Satan, Cantor, and Infinity; two studies of deductive logic in chess, The Chess Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes and The Chess Mysteries of the Arabian Knights; and three collections of philosophical essays and aphorisms, The Tao Is Silent, This Book Needs No Title, and 5000 B. C.