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Date: 2007
Page count: 324 pages
Format: B/6, fűzve
ISBN: 978-963-9326-92-7
Category: in Hungarian and English

Original price: 1750 Ft

A Hungarian Guide in the Tower of Babel
Sándor Lénárd’s writings on languages

Lénárd, the physician, poet and writer was both a lover and a master of languages. This book intends to show him chiefly from this side, as an author who guides the curious reader in the Babel of languages with entrancing confidence. On the eve of the European Union it is all-important for the educated public in Hungary to gain all the personal experience possible of the beauties and thrill of learning and using foreign languages. Few authors could be more competent to demonstrate this than the interpreter, translator, polyglot artist and thinker - Sándor Lénárd.

Sándor Lénárd (1910 - 1972) was born in Hungary, grew up in Austria and fled first to Italy, then to Brazil. In Brazil, he earned a reputation when he won a TV-quiz - with the life and music of Bach as theme; while around the world, when he translated Winnie-the-Pooh into Latin. Among Hungarian readers, he rose to fame as the author of the book Valley at the End of the World (Völgy a világ végén).


Original price: 4600 Ft
Original price: 1500 Ft
Original price: 1800 Ft