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Translator: Ágoston István, Hermann Péter, Lukács Erzsébet, Pelikán József
Edition: Second edition
Date: 2009
Page count: 271 pages
Format: B/5
ISBN: 978-963-2790-56-5
Category: from English
Series: Pure Math

Original price: 3200 Ft

Basic Notions of Algebra

Shafarevich’s survey of algebra will delight every student or user of mathematics. The book ranges across the whole spectrum of algebra, from rings and fields through homology and K-theory; the emphasis, however, is constantly on the key examples and the relations between algebra and the rest of mathematics and science that has given birth to algebra, and that gives the subject its true meaning.

In addition to his prodigious grasp of mathematical culture, the volume demonstrates Professor Shafarevich’s dedication, to teaching, and his continuation, of the expository tradition of books such as Hermann Weyl’s evergreen, The Classical Groups.

The book is the Hungarian translation of the book published by Springer Verlag, Germany.