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Date: 2007
Page count: 437 pages
Format: B/5
ISBN: 978-963-9326-41-5
Category: Math, Informatics and Science
Series: math problems for talented childrens

Original price: 2600 Ft

New maths mosaics

The second volume, the New Maths Mosaics is for advanced learners of mathematics.
In the summer of 1991 three university students organized a summer camp for talented pupils of secondary schools. With the help of leading Hungarian mathematicians invited to the camp the organizers tried to present new mathematical problems and procedures in a way accessible for secondary school pupils. With the great success of the first camp a new tradition has been established and since then every summer new camps have been organized.
The New Maths Mosaics contains a selection of the most interesting topics discussed in the last ten years in these camps. Some of these: We organize a motocross rally and find ourselves on a limited field;
Examining the spikes of a hedgehog we are provided with an introduction to differential-topology;
Turning the Rubik-Cube we get familiar with the group-theory;
Examining the geometry of the sphere we learn interesting things about the plane.