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Date: 2007
Page count: 300 pages
Format: A/5
ISBN: 978-963-9548-37-4
Category: in Hungarian and English
Series: Hungarian Scientists

Original price: 2600 Ft

Playing with Infinity

The author is one of the great personalities of the 20th century Hungarian mathematics. She has become professor at the Eötvös Loránd University. The book was written for the non-mathematical educated public to make them familiar with her favorite subject. This wonderful book was translated into twelve different languages.

"Infinity is fun. But most people have never been exposed to the fascinating theory of infinities. This book provides an extremely well presented introduction to the concepts of infinities.The presentation is at times a little forced, however overall it is clearly and simply written, and the basic analyses of enumeration by pairing of elements is explained in a simple and easily understandable manner. The elementary concepts of infinities are not difficult to grasp, and should and can be understood by anyone with an interest in mathematics. This book provides an easy to understand introduction to these concepts. I especially recommend it for parents wanting to study/learn maths with their kids in middle and high school. It covers material that will not be covered at school, but is fun and not overly difficult to grasp, and will surely help both the parent and child."

Colin C. McAndrew from Phoenix, Australia