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Date: 2007
Page count: 30 pages
Format: A/4
ISBN: 978-963-9326-50-7
Category: in Hungarian and English

Original price: 1500 Ft

Fantastic Journey in the Worlds of Motifs

Discover inside yourself the indigenous Australian dancing with a bumerang, the xiou Indian defending himself with buffalo shield, or the Japanese gesha, the Chinese dragon or the Masai warrior. If you open this book, you’ll see what a wonderful world of graphics they created for themselves. Start creating! If you follow Éva Szalay’s handmovements, you’ll discover that it’s a piece of cake! For the most fantastic motive is made up of simple lines, if you look at it more closely. Be it a Japanese cherry flower, seed of rice or Noshi ribbon; African rainmaking mask, carved tortoise or ornamental pumpkin; Chinese lotus flower, iron fence with dragons or orange pattern; Apach tent, winnebago blanket and pueblo pottery; Australian tatoo, didgeridoo or picture made by pointillist technique – if you like sinking into details you may experience the joy of controlled creation. And by the end you will be surprised: what a fantastic work you are capable of!