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Interbook Typotex Ltd. Electronic Publishing House started to publish electronic books in January 2009. Via the portal called Interbook, an increasing number of prestigious academic and professional publications are made available in electronic format. E-books can be purchased not only in their entirety, but also by individual chapters. The project currently covers ~500 volumes, including books out of print. As opposed to photocopying texts, which is forbidden by Hungarian copyright law, downloading the publications from the Interbook webpage means a legal way of receiving copies of documents. The article gives a summary of the various new opportunities offered by the e-book portal for readers, authors and other publishers. The Interkönyv site gives access to current and eternal books and university course books in electronic format, ready to be purchased as a whole or by separate chapters.

Babel Web Anthology

The Babelmatrix Web Anthology builds upon the Babelmatrix idea that changes the traditional bilingual relationships between original literary works and their translations into a special, multilingual form. Thanks to the innovative structure of Babelmatrix, it is possible to handle original literary works and their translations multi-dimensionally, that is, in multiple languages in the same time. BWA is edited with great care and continuously updated with contextual information that can provide the user with adequate insight into the cultures and literatures of other European countries. Click to the Matrix Map and start you literature adventures!

Hungarians in Babel

The Hungarians in Babel online forum is the descendant of the Babel Web Anthology. It gives a rich selection of translations of Hungarian literature and Hungarian translation. The successful translations of the project will appear in Babel Web Anthology's side. Read our selection and fill up your favorite works and translations!


Literature plays a great part in learning about the cultures of each other. Thanks to the efforts of literary translators, literature is transmitted from one language to the other. The Visegradliterature Net offers only a glimpse into the huge bulk of literary translations, but if you click on the MATRIX MAP on the top of the page, you can start your literary adventure enjoying the literatures of Visegrad countries in your mother tongue!  Praise A new online literary anthology / Hungarian Literature Online 01.08.2010. A new website has been launched with some 200 authors and a total of over 1000 texts comprising the best writing from Visegrád Group nations for online access in Hungarian, Slovakian, Czech, Polish, English and German." A watershed venture", the project’s international coordinator and editor-in-chief of Hungarian Lettre,Éva Karádi commented on the launch of www.visegradliterature.

Edition 2.0

Edition 2.0 In the life of our publishing house, Edition 2.0 is not simply a new series comprising certain contents, and it is not a topic finding a good name under a series title. Edition 2.0 is a publishing experiment, seeking a new alternative for reading books, by trying to align book publishing and the spirit of the internet. A book is traditionally a closed world, the crystallized form of the author's vision of the world and of the thoughts he wishes to pass on. It offers several types of additions as well: remarks in footnotes, index, glossary. Printing makes the published text final, closed - a station in the field of knowledge. The internet, by contrast, is flexible, ever-changing, and its stability was realized in its greatness. Traditionally, the author knows much more than the readers who do not know him nor the knowledge published.