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Typotex Ltd. Electronic Publishing House started to publish electronic books in January 2009. Via the portal called Interbook, an increasing number of prestigious academic and professional publications are made available in electronic format. E-books can be purchased not only in their entirety, but also by individual chapters. The project currently covers ~500 volumes, including books out of print. As opposed to photocopying texts, which is forbidden by Hungarian copyright law, downloading the publications from the Interbook webpage means a legal way of receiving copies of documents. The article gives a summary of the various new opportunities offered by the e-book portal for readers, authors and other publishers.

The Interkönyv site gives access to current and eternal books and university course books in electronic format, ready to be purchased as a whole or by separate chapters.

Publishing rights are clear in each case. Due partially to the typographic value of the books, e-books are mainly found in the system in pdf format.

The table of contents, the preface and the index may be downloaded free of charge.  The price generated by pages. If the customer buy the whole book, 3.5Ft/page should be paid,, if only buy a chapter, than the price is 4Ft/page.

The whole text of the book, and the expressions within are searchable. Results show the searched expression together with 1 or 2 lines surrounding it which makes search much easier.

Water marks notice in the downloaded file identify the customer, the author and the publisher, for protecting. In case of illicitting  copying, we will regretfully be obliged to ban printing of all other files purchased by the customer.