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General information

Orders may also be placed electronically in the Internet Bookstore of Typotex Publishing House. But we accept orders by phone, fax, email or traditional mail.

Before placing an order via Internet, the customer must register and provide shipment and receipt data. Orders are executed with the conditions below.

Shipment and payment conditions

Prices shown are the current - ususally discounted - consumer prices. If, due to some technical problem, the price shown is wrong, we immediately signal this in our reply. Such orders are not considered valid.

We try to hand you the selected and ordered product as soon as possible, and the email confirming your order contains the expected shipment date. If you choose to come for it personally, you can usually do this immediatley.

Shipment methods

  • By post, paying to the postman: available to our customers living in the country and in Budapest.

For our customers living in Hungary, the postal charge is 1200 HUF if the order is less than 9500 HUF; if it is above 9500 HUF, we do not charge anything for posting.

Please check whether the package is damaged while the postman is still there.

If you see any sign of damage, have a report written and do not take the package. In the absence of a report, we cannot accept complaints for the physical damage of the package.

  • You may personally collect the products in the Readers' Bookstore or in the Publishing House.

In this case, we tell you in our confirmation email whether you can collect the book immediately; if not, we tell you when you can collect it. Please tick the place where you want to collect the book. We keep the book with your order number for 2 weeks.

Payment methods

  • With cash or credit card in the Reader's Bookstore 
  • With cash on delivery
  • Online payment with credit card
  • Money transfer or deposit into a bank cashier