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Translator: Horváth Viktor
Date: 2010
Page count: 184 pages
Format: B/5
ISBN: 978-963-2791-57-9
Category: from Dutch

Original price: 2500 Ft

Nobility of Spirit
A forgotten ideal

About the book


Review in the Wall Street Journal, June 10 2008

"Truth and Beauty, Without the Irony" by Darrin McMahon

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Review in The Guardian, August 2 2008

'Nobility of Spirit: A Forgotten Ideal' by Steven Poole

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Advance Praise
for Nobility of Sprit: A Forgotten Ideal by Rob Riemen
To be published by Yale University Press in June 2008



T“Written with such elegance, erudition and skill,
a singular reflection of fundamental problems,
virtues and vices, of our time.”
–Ivan Klima


“Rob Riemen’s essays spring from a deep and firm conviction—they are like water from artesian wells
and this is, I think, the main reason why they are
so important and refreshing.”
–Adam Zagajewski


“The author’s vast cultural knowledge, his firm commitment to liberal ideals and the agility of his pen make these essays
an invaluable guide to orient us amid the great political
and cultural problems—and the ideological confusions—
of the world in which we live.”
–Mario Vargas Llosa


“Rob Riemen has written a rare and much needed book, one which we appreciate not because we necessarily agree with
its views, but for its commitment to ideas and its passion
for imagination. It is a timely reminder of how imaginative knowledge can become a way of questioning, connecting
to and changing the world as well as ourselves.”
–Azar Nafisi


"It's a strange, elusive little book, admirable in its avoidance of publishing formula."

— Steven Poole in the Guardian

“It's been ages since a work of non-fiction moved us this way. Read it. Discuss it. Argue about it.”

— Mark Sarvas in The Elegant Variation

"Mr. Riemen's Nobility of Spirit is intended as a meditation on the forces that threaten civilization and, no less important, on the forces that are desperately needed to sustain it."

— Darrin M. McMahon, Wall Street Journal
Guardian, The Elegant Variation, Wall Street Journal,

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