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Elliott Robert J.
Elliott Robert J.

Robert James Elliott is a British-Canadian mathematician, known for his contributions to control theory, game theory, stochastic processes and mathematical finance.

He was schooled at Swanwick, Derbyshire and studied mathematics in which he earn a B.A. (1961) and M.A. (1965) at the University of Oxford, as well as a Ph.D (thesis Some results in spectral synthesis advised by John Williamson (mathematician), 1965)[1] and Sc.D. (1983) from University of Cambridge.[2] He taught and conducted research at University of Newcastle (1964), Yale University (1965-66), University of Oxford (1966-68), University of Warwick (1969-73), Northwestern University (1972-73), University of Hull (1973-86), University of Alberta (1985-2001), University of Adelaide (1997-99) and University of Calgary (2001-).